Steve Ribble and Guardian Accounting Group Discusses Crypto Taxes

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Crypto Taxes

Steve Ribble and Guardian Accounting Group Discusses Crypto Taxes

Tampa, Florida, February 14, 2022: Guardian Accounting Group is pleased to announce their client, Steve Ribble, has discussed how crypto investors are being targeted by the IRS to ensure they are paying the appropriate taxes on their investment transactions. During the pandemic, more people have turned to cryptocurrency investments to balance their portfolios. They are now facing changes to the tax code that address how to file taxes on cryptocurrency transactions.

During his interview, Ribble addressed the fact that all cryptocurrency transactions are carefully tracked, making it challenging for individual investors to hide their activities from the IRS. With the new tax codes, individuals will have to navigate how to claim the profits they make from their cryptocurrency investments, which previously didn’t fall under the same tax obligations as other investments. However, he agrees that these changes are positive and will help legitimize cryptocurrency investments, giving more individuals options to diversify their portfolios and make the most of all their investments.

Guardian Accounting Group is ready to help individuals navigate the tax codes to ensure they are correctly claiming their cryptocurrency investments. Cryptocurrency tax rules are different than income taxes, making it challenging for individuals to learn how to claim them on their taxes. Their professional accountants are standing by to get the best results for their clients as they enter a new world of taxation cryptocurrency investments.

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